Color Vision Flooring

Carpet and Textile Dyeing


What is included with the service?

All services need to understand that carpet dyeing procedures are brand new processes and that results cannot always be predicted. Once the service has been signed for, the company cannot guarantee the results. Before the contract is signed, we provide our best prediction for the service results, but depending on what chemicals are coating the carpet and how well treated the flooring is, it may be extremely difficult to truly play along with this.

Therefore, all things being considered, our dyeing service provides no warranty of the quality of the finished product. It provides warranty that the work will be completed according to the contract. The contract will follow expected guidelines as well. Further terms qualified on the contract include a legal agreement that the user will not slander the companies work or craftsmanship. This includes website based reviews which are NOT protected speech. If you were to stand on a bench in downtown and yell bad, unfounded things about a company, you would be arrested for slander. The same is true for public websites. Protect yourself by keeping reviews either positive or neutral.

A qualifier on product quality. A service that does carpet cleaning the villages recently informed us of new breakthroughs in cleaning that will allow for full pile lightening. They hold the patent on the process however, and we are working with them to come up with the perfect lightening process. Our current method utilizes bleaches and dye reduces followed by redying to the desired hue, but do to this cleaning breakthrough, we will be announcing our one step lightening product line sometime in the near future. Thank you to all of our clients who are understanding that this is a rapidly changing field and for letting us improve your homes at great rates!


  • "Red" Stain Removal- Wine+ Juice
  • "Brown" Stain Removal-
  • Small Region Treatment
  • Top Layer Treatment
  • Sun Damage
  • Traffic Areas
  • Blood Removal
  • Full Pile Darkening
  • Full Pile Lightening