Color Vision Flooring

Carpet and Textile Dyeing

Research around Dying

Dying is the most recent innovation in home maintenance. This is because our modern days is the first time that we are seeing carpeting last for significantly longer than expected. Much like a fancy car, the aesthetics will often wear out much before the actual functionality. Around the recession, there arrived a need for a cost effective means to restore the aesthetics of flooring. Carpet Dyeing started a seemingly "cheap" method for doing so in both quality and price. At first, dyeing often caused carpets to take a cheap plastic appearance. In recent years, legitimate companies have established themselves by providing high quality dying without making the carpet look plastic. The new methods often make the carpets look brand new.

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  • Carpet Cleaning Cost: $.70psf
  • Replacement Costs: $5-15 psf
  • Carpet Dyeing Cost: $.5-1 psf
  • Cleaning Lifespan: >1 Year
  • Replacement Lifespan: >5 Years
  • Dyeing Lifespan: 1-10 Year
  • Self-Cleaning Difficulty: Low
  • Self-Replacement Difficulty: High
  • Self- Dyeing Difficulty: Very High