Color Vision Flooring

Carpet and Textile Dyeing

Process of Dyeing

Whether you are dealing with a bleach stain, a drink spill, or a pet "accident", our dyeing process is the best option for you! Color Vision is proudly able to save your valuable flooring. The average cost of replacement is $5-$15 depending on quantity. Our services range from 50c -$1 per square foot depending on which type of service you may need. Our full pile service types include Darkening or Lightening. Our unique "Light Dye" process is more towards the $1 pf price. This is because it requires 2 separate treatments to properly approach the color desired. The Carpet Darkening is a single treatment.

Color Vision Flooring uses specialty equipment to rapidly apply and dry the desired color onto the carpet. This uses a system of high powered scrubbers to guarantee full pile coloring. Mixed with our dye is a special rapid dry component which when applied by the rear brush will leave the carpet ready to walk on. This allows our technicians to be in and out before you know it and lessens the chance of a mistake occurring.

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  • "Red" Stain Removal- Wine+ Juice
  • "Brown" Stain Removal-
  • Small Region Treatment
  • Top Layer Treatment
  • Sun Damage
  • Traffic Areas
  • Blood Removal
  • Full Pile Darkening
  • Full Pile Lightening